Aleece Spalding

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Aleece oversees all operations and outreaches. Her work has allowed Ship to expand partnerships and streamline services to serve the community even more effectively. Aleece came to us in 2008 when she began volunteering at Community Day. In 2018, she began working as Ship’s Director of Development and Executive Director two years later. Aleece draws upon her professional background at IBM where she worked in systems engineering, sales, education, and executive briefings for eleven years. Working with Ship is a beautiful way to combine her gifts and passion for serving and inspiring people.


In addition, she has been married for 31 years and has been blessed with three children. She has been active in the community participating in activities including directing school musicals and coordinating volunteers at Ship. In all areas of life, Aleece’s passion for people shines. She thrives on relationships and finds joy in helping each other love life. Communicating, motivating, inspiring, sharing insights about life, and just plain making things fun gives her energy. 


“When people feel needed, respected, appreciated, and rewarded, they will love what they do! And when we use our gifts to benefit and inspire others, there is no better reward.”