As the Manager of Galley Grocery, Kahealani oversees operations ranging from purchasing products to assisting shoppers. She is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyle and would like to stock even more healthy foods at Galley to provide customers with a wider variety of produce at prices they can afford. Kahealani’s role at Galley creates space for her to help customers see the benefits of eating food, as well as support and encourage women who regularly shop at Galley.

Her passion for helping residents live a healthy lifestyle stems from her own weight loss journey.  As she promoted the healthy foods at  Galley grocery, Kahelani recognized the need to change her own eating habits. Her first  change was drinking one gallon of water a day and eating more vegetables and chicken. She  began working out at Ship Yard and attending nutrition classes offered for Galley shoppers. Galley shoppers began to see her transformation opening the door for Kahealani to share her story.

Kahelani’s job at Galley Grocery gives her a unique perspective into the lives of her customers.  At first, she was hesitant about working in close proximity to drug dealings, prostitution, and regular shootings down the street. She soon recognized a deeper purpose in her job. She realized the prostitutes and drug dealers who shopped in the store were no different than she was, and in need of love and acceptance. She has seen that the presence of the grocery store in the neighborhood has made a positive difference in their health and their safety.  

Kahealani Kemp

Manager of Galley Grocery


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