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Ship Community Outreach Initiatives

Ship Community Outreach meets immediate needs by providing food and clothing to low income neighbors, giving them dignity through independent low cost grocery shopping, low cost housing, job training and opportunities, health screening and support, and weight training to improve self discipline and self esteem. Ship Community Outreach accomplishes all of this through donations. 


Bread of Life

Bread of Life is a non profit food storage and distribution center that serves over 24,000 individuals throughout Wake County each month. Bread of Life collects 30,000 pounds of food each month from Food Lion stores and the Food Bank and delivers it to outreaches and other non profit organizations. With donations from Pepperidge Farm, Bread of Life provides 36,000 loaves of bread per month to those in need.

Read more here.
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Galley Grocery

Galley Grocery is a subsidized grocery store in Southeast Raleigh that provides low cost, healthy food in a food desert. 

Learn more about Galley Grocery and the Ship Yard here.

The Galley Grocery is now offering affordable grocery bundles!  See our latest bundle and recipes here.

Ship Yard

The Ship Yard serves as a free weightlifting yard that offers youth camps and nutrition counseling. 

Learn more about Galley Grocery and the Ship Yard here.

Transitional Employment Initiative

The Transitional Employment Initiative, or TEI, is an eight-week job readiness and personal enrichment program in which participants, most who are gang affiliated, gain the life skills, discipline, work ethic, confidence and vocational skills needed to become marketable, long-term productive employees. 

Read more about TEI here.
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Anti-Trafficking Initiative

Established January of 2021, our Trafficking Initiative's impact and reach has grown rapidly, serving dozens of women who are seeking healing, restoration, and a second chance at a stable life. We work to reach women who are experiencing trauma from being trafficked and to walk alongside them providing for their immediate needs and connecting them to a place where they can find healing and restoration.
(Anissa McNair, Director of the Anti-Trafficking Initiative, center, and her team)

Ship Community Outreach has a vision of creating healthy and safe communities free of dependencies and capable of producing strong families.

Our mission is to be neighbors working to fill in the gaps that keep people from thriving. 

Ship Community Outreach meets critical needs and promotes life change in the Wake County Area through food and clothing outreaches, a subsidized grocery store, an employment readiness training program,  a free weightlifting yard with nutrition counseling and youth camps, and a street level anti-trafficking initiative.

Our goals are achieved through four initiatives: Galley Grocery, Bread of Life, The Ship Yard, The Transitional Employment Initiative and Anti-Trafficking Initiative. Each initiative serves a purpose to meet the current needs of individuals while also accepting them, loving them, and encouraging them to serve others and to develop skills to become productive members of their community.

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