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Founded in 2010, Ship Community Outreach serves downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding communities with a focus on food insecurity, poverty alleviation, crime prevention, healthy living, employment readiness, life skills training and human trafficking intervention. We have a unique calling to serve underserved populations in Southeast Raleigh since 2001. Over the years, we have earned the trust of the community and have a reputation of selflessly and lovingly serving our neighbors. We see life change in the members of the community as people with struggles, dependencies and trust issues come to us and are shown the love of Christ.

"We're trying to fill gaps and meet needs in our area" - Chris Jones

Founder Pastor Chris Jones' Story

Ship Community Outreach

Founder Story

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Ship Community Outreach has a vision of creating healthy and safe communities free of dependencies and capable of producing strong families.

Our mission is to be neighbors working to fill in the gaps that keep people from thriving. 


Ship Community Outreach meets critical needs and promotes life change in the Wake County Area through food and clothing outreaches, a subsidized grocery store, an employment readiness training program,  a free weightlifting yard with nutrition counseling and youth camps, and a street level anti-trafficking initiative.


Our goals are achieved through four initiatives: Galley Grocery, Bread of Life, The Ship Yard, The Transitional Employment Initiative and Anti-Trafficking Initiative. Each initiative serves a purpose to meet the current needs of individuals while also accepting them, loving them, and encouraging them to serve others and to develop skills to become productive members of their community.


We partner with grocery stores, the Food Bank and food companies to supply the food needs of the community.

Each month 30,000 pounds of meat, produce and packaged goods are donated by local Food Lion stores and distributed to those in need by Bread of Life.

Bread of Life is one of the largest food distributors for the Central and Eastern Food Bank of North Carolina. 

Pepperidge Farm donates bread four days per week making an average of 36,000 loaves of bread per month collected for distribution.

Blue Sky Farms in Wendell, NC is our newest partner, supplying the Galley Grocery with fresh organic produce from their locally run farm. Blue Sky Farms provides produce to the finest restaurants in the Triangle and now to the residents in Southeast Raleigh. 

We partner with restaurants to help bring their excess to those in need in the community.

We partner with churches and community organizations to get food to the community.

Bread of Life delivers bread to Brown Bag Ministries each week to make on average 13,200 sandwiches per month.

Bread of Life supplies bread and meat to the Wilmington Street Men's Shelter that feeds 5,600 individuals per month.

Bread of Life delivers bread, meat , produce and clothing to With Love from Jesus to help feed and clothe over 2,200 people each month.

Neighborfood Express Logo.png

Bread of Life and Galley Grocery are partnering with Neighborfood Express, a free food truck, to deliver food directly to neighbors in need.  The Marcus Harris Foundation rolled out this exciting new outreach in November, 2020. 

We partner with other businesses who generously support our mission.


In 2002, we began “Community Day” on the second Saturday of each month. The community of South Park in Raleigh gathers at Ship of Zion Church to provide their neighbors with food, clothing, a hot meal, medical screening, prayer, encouragement, and support.


Community Days are also held each month at Calvary Faith Church and the YMCA of Wake Forest.

Bread of Life provides the food for all of these outreaches. Local churches and neighborhoods provide the volunteers.

If you would like to host a Community Day at your church or community center, contact us at

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