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Community Day invites life change for Steve


Kimberly escapes domestic violence into the safety of God's love at Ship of Zion

Denise finds acceptance at Ship of Zion

Taron learns humility and finds hope serving at Ship Outreach

Ben walks by faith as Ship of Zion's worship leader

James leaves the streets because of the love

offered at Community Day and Ship of Zion 

Svanda finds hope at Ship of Zion

Thad understands the struggle of the community because he was there

Candace's life changes through finding acceptance and love at Community Day

"In the beginning I was very skeptical about people because of the abuse I had endured for many years. Over time, I would see the people from The Ship Church offering to give me and my family food for free and to come join them at the church to look through some clothes, enjoy a hot meal, get my sugar checked and get a box of groceries. 

They did not judge me for the things I had done, they accepted me, loved me and prayed for me.


Now 4 years later, I truly value the times that the people from the Bread of Life and from the Ship of Zion Community Day changed my attitude about myself and others. I now have a job and am going to school to get my business degree and will be expecting my first child very soon. My relationship with God has also grown tremendously since fellowshipping with the kind people at the BOL and SOZ.              --  "Candace"