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Anissa McNair

Director of Anti-Trafficking Initiative

Anissa is the Director for Ship of Zion’s Anti-Trafficking Initiative. She began the ministry by passing out warm meals in the early morning hours on streets notorious for trafficking. Anissa finds that as she meets their basic needs, they begin to open their hearts to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her desire is to provide a better environment for anyone seeking change and self-improvement, giving them a second chance at a stable and fulfilling life. 


“Regardless of background and current situation, each woman is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, and friend. Each one of their lives matter! I want to give them what Ship of Zion gave me…a chance!”


She also has support hours for women during the week. She invites all women to come to her with any needs they may have, and for counseling and love. She also facilitates the Sista Strength program, a peer group promoting self-care and spiritual healing amongst minority women. 


In addition to Anissa’s role in the community, she is enrolled in a Social Work graduate program at Shaw University, building upon her educational and professional background in human services and criminal justice. For over 20 years Anissa has worked as a dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant in various roles including Hospice Care. She also worked for two years as a Correctional Officer for the State of North Carolina. When she is not serving the community, she enjoys spending time with her four children and twelve grandchildren.

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