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Pastor Jacqueline Jones

Founder and Board Secretary

Jacqueline is a pastor at Ship of Zion Church and co-founder of the outreach ministry. She has been hard at work in the community for over 20 years. In her role at Ship, she teaches TEI classes, runs outreaches, and creates community partnerships. Dr. Jacqueline is passionate about telling others about the hope she found in Christ. 


Dr. Jacqueline received her Associates Degree in Religion from New Life School of Ministry and Bible Institute in 1998. She has since earned a Masters Degree in Human Services and Doctorate in Religion, both from Liberty University. She has been in ministry since 1997.


In her spare time, you might find Dr. Jacqueline at the Ship Yard training with Pastor Chris. She finds it an excellent way to relieve stress and opens a door to talk with neighbors about living a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for the community comes from her own background. Acknowledging Christ in her life gave her the strength to keep pressing forward. “Knowing Christ saved me has given me the opportunity to share with others to let them know there is hope,” says Dr. Jacqueline.

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