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Matt Cain

Board Member

Matt is a North Carolina native from Randolph County. He attended NCSU and received a degree in Construction Engineering and Management. He has spent his entire career in the commercial construction industry, and currently serves as Executive Vice President for Brookwood Construction. Matt and his wife Allison have been married for 21 years and have two children, Emma and Culli.  They've attend Hope Community Church for over ten years. Matt has worked with a few ministries in the area, including Hope on the Homefront through Hope Community Church.

His first project with Hope on the Homefront was adding an extra bedroom on the small pink home on Bragg Street just down from the Galley Grocery. This was his first exposure to the area, and he says that it "opened [his] eyes to the needs in this part of the city."  Additionally, his team completed a project for the "two Bettys," one whom he continues to stay in touch with.


Matt's company, Brookwood Construction, has been an annual supporter of the Galley Grocery store golf tournament for many years now.  When presented with the opportunity to serve on the Ship board, he says that "it just felt like the next step to really try and make a difference in this community." Matt is especially drawn to the Trafficking Initiative, as it's something he had felt compelled to get involved in for some time, but he had not quite found the right ministry. He is excited to try and make a difference in the community regarding this issue.

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