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Paul Moseley

Director of Bread of Life

Paul is the director of Bread of Life and a founding member of Ship Outreach. He and his wife Kathy met the Joneses in 2002 and bounded over their mutual calling to serve the South Park Raleigh area. He has faithfully served for over 20 years. As Director of Bread of Life, Paul oversees and coordinates the collection, storage, and distribution of food to communities in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Garner.


Paul’s has over 25 years of experience in the medical world. After 15 years of work in the Radiology Department he retired when he heard God call him to add something new to his life.


Paul has felt compelled to love and serve people. He attributes this to the work his father did as a missionary doctor in Nigeria. A village leader's words spoke to Paul when he was a child in Nigeria and have served as his motivation. “People would not be able to hear my message over the roar of their stomach, take care of that first.”

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