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For many students, the past school year has been a difficult one. Between countless Zoom calls and trying to learn in distracting environments, a variety of factors have created unexpected challenges.
To help counteract these problems, Ship Community Outreach created the Ship Hub Learning Center. The Learning Center provides a space for elementary through high school students to do online school and receive academic help from volunteer tutors. Located at Ship of Zion Church, the Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:35 am to 3:30 pm during the school year. 

"Many children in Southeast Raleigh have not had access to a quiet space to do online school during the pandemic, and may need tutoring help," said Christena Jones at Ship. "At the Center, we provide Internet access and iPads for students to use, and all students are given lunch. The idea is to help make learning an easier and more positive experience during this challenging time."

Like all of Ship's initiatives, the Center is intended to serve those who need it the most, and part of the organization's ongoing effort to create an inviting and inclusive community. For those interested, we are currently in search of volunteers as well as book donations for kids and young adults. To get involved or to learn more, email 
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